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    Permanant Glass Flood Barrier

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    Residential Flood Panels minimize flood damage


Railing Applications

Savannah Flood Protection uses their extensive glass and metals experience to build unique glass and metal structures that combine function with aesthetic values.

In some cases they are a decorative handrail, others an obstruction, a method of separating flood-prone areas from buildings, gardens, patios, yards and work areas when rising waters threaten damage, and, at the same time ... having a pleasing appearance.

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This flood glass railing application is in the Dallas Texas area, and will protect the home-owners property from a creek that sometimes swells from heavy rains washing onto their home-site and threatening damage. This is a simple and hi-quality solution with architectural appeal. It is presently in fabrication for a May-2014 installation.

Installation begins of Flood Glass Railing to hold back rising creek waters at residences garden and reception area.

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