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E-Z Install, Lift-Out BarriersIn areas where frequent flooding occurs, property can be properly and effectively protected with Flood Gates and Barriers. Because flooding is unpredictable and warnings generally late and limited, labor intensive products like sandbags are both inadequate and impractical. Sandbags do not meet the minimum requirements for watertight flood proofing set forth by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Lift-out, 'Unitized Barriers' with post-mullions allow for faster installations because there are fewer bolts and attachment points. This is an excellent product for shorter barriers of long runs. Saves INSTALL-TIME.


Inflatable Gasket Lift Flood Gates can be used to protect the most vulnerable components of the building - points below flood levels - doors, windows and driveways.



Individual Dog HingedGates are lift out or hinged barriers that restrain flood waters from entering a given area.




Thermacon   Thermacon

For large open areas such as a river or lakefront, a floodwall constructed of small - light weight manageable components may be the answer.

Thermacon   Thermacon

River Side Parking garage entrance



Thermacon   Thermacon

Hinged Gates swing open and closed for convenience